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Print Sizes & Prices

Durst Main Theta 51

Our Premium Quality Prints are final prints, the prices for film or digital proofs are listed on one of the proofing pages.

These prints are made from either digital files, scanned slides or scanned rolls of film. Each image is carefully color corrected and printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper for superior longevity. The prices below are for E Surface (Lustre finish) prints, Glossy paper is available by special request for an additional charge.

Printing to specific sizes, cropping, dodging or burning, straightening and other creative changes can be made per customer instructions for an additional charge. When exact cropping or special print manipulations are desired, please use LabPrints. Our work can only be as precise as your instructions, we will not take it upon ourselves to crop or straighten images unless specifically instructed, so please take the time to be as exact as you can. As the photographer and maker of the image, YOU are responsible for the creative decisions.

To be absolutely sure you are getting exactly what you want as far as cropping, we recommend you use LabPrints to submit your orders. This allows you to crop and/or straighten the images yourself before submitting them to us for printing.

*Note: When ordering B&W prints in LabPrints you must click the B&W button in the Edit/Order screen.

When enlarging or reducing the size of an image, to avoid the need to crop the image, you must maintain the aspect ratio.
The aspect ratio describes the shape of the image, how square or rectangular it is.
Our aspect ratio calculator will help you find alternative print sizes that will not cause your image to be cropped.

Proof Prints

SIZE No Color Correction * Color Corrected *
3.5X5, 4X5, 4X6, 5X5 $0.30 $0.45
5X7 $0.65 $0.75
Color Corrected Images on DVD $30.00
* Minimum 25 individual images

Click Here For Proofing Info.

Print Prices

Premium Quality Prints (Lustre finish, Glossy prints extra)
4-Wallets $1.75 7x14 $5.50   11x17 $10.00   16x48 $55.00
8-Wallets $3.50 7x15 $5.60 11x19 $10.50 18x18 $22.00
4-2x2 $1.35   2-7x21 $30.00 11x22 $15.00 18x22 $28.00
2-2.25x2.75 $1.35   7.5x10 $3.50   11x33 $40.00   18x24 $29.00
3x3 $1.35 8x8 $3.50   12x12 $8.00   18x26 $30.00
3x4 $1.35 8x10 $3.50 12x15 $11.00 18x28 $33.00
3x5 $1.35 8x11 $4.00 12x16 $12.00 18x36 $40.50
3.25x3.25 $1.35 8x12 $4.50 12x17 $13.00 18x54 $70.00
3.5x5 $1.35 8x14 $5.50 12x18 $14.00 20x20 $25.00
3.5x7 $1.65   8x15 $5.75 12x20 $15.00 20x24 $30.00
3.5x10 $1.85 8x16 $8.00   12x24 $16.00   20x25 $34.00
4x4 $1.45   8x20 $10.00 12x36 $30.00 20x26 $35.00
4x5 $1.45 2-8x24 $25.00   12x48 $35.00   20x28 $37.00
4x6 $1.55 2-8x32 $35.00 13x20 $21.50 20x30 $38.00
4x7 $1.90 8.5x11 $4.00 14x14 $13.00 20x32 $40.50
4x8 $2.00   9x9 $4.00 14x16 $13.50 20x34 $42.00
4x10 $2.25   9x12 $5.00   14x17 $14.00   20x36 $55.00
4x12 $2.50 9x14 $5.50   14x18 $17.00   20x40 $65.00
5x5 $1.50 9x18 $10.50 14x20 $20.00 20x60 $75.00
5x7 $2.00 2-9x27 $28.00 14x21 $21.00 20x80 $85.00
5x8 $2.25   10x10 $4.25 14x22 $22.00 20x100 $95.00
5x9 $2.50 10x11 $5.00   14x24 $23.00 22x22 $40.00
5x10 $3.00   10x12 $5.25 14x28 $25.00 22x30 $50.00
5x12 $3.50 10x13 $5.25   14x42 $45.00   22x32 $56.00
5x15 $4.00   10x14 $5.50 15x15 $15.00 22x34 $60.00
5x20 $7.00   10x15 $6.00   15x18 $20.00   24x24 $46.00
6x6 $2.85 10x16 $8.00   15x20 $23.00   24x28 $54.00
6x7 $3.00 10x17 $9.00 15x30 $35.00 24x30 $58.00
6x8 $3.15   10x18 $9.50 15x45 $50.00 24x32 $62.00
6x9 $3.25   10x20 $10.00   15x60 $70.00 24x36 $70.00
6x10 $3.50 2-10x24 $25.00   16x16 $20.00   26x36 $75.00
6x12 $4.00   2-10x30 $34.00 16x20 $23.00 26x40 $85.00
6x16 $7.00   2-10x32 $35.00   16x22 $25.00   28x28 $65.00
6x18 $7.25 2-10x40 $45.00   16x24 $27.00   28x36 $70.00
7x7 $3.50 11x11 $6.50 16x25 $28.00 30x30 $63.00
7x9 $3.50 11x14 $8.50 16x28 $29.00 30x40 $84.00
7x10 $3.50 11x15 $9.00 16x30 $30.00 30x45 $95.00
7x12 $4.50   11x16 $9.50 16x32 $32.00 30x50 $105.00

Die-Cut Wallets


We die-cut 4 and 8 wallet units by default, unless the image is too tight for die-cutting. Keep in mind when ordering, die-cutting removes approx. 1/8 inch from each side of the image. 2 wallet units can not be die-cut.

Die Cut Wallets

Die Cutting REMOVES approximately 1/8 of an inch from EACH side,
any part of the image or text that falls near the edge of the image,
will be cut off.

Die Cutting: $.25 per unit.

Signature Boards

Signature boardsSignature boards are an excellent way for your clients to preserve memories of their special event. Event guests can leave their own personal messages, and the signature board can then be framed and proudly displayed by your client. Signature boards can be customized to your specifications. Choose a single image placed on a white background, or choose a second image as a background. Up to three lines of text can also be added in your choice of fonts and styles, these can include the client's name, the event name, the date of the event, etc...

16x20 with an image size of 11x14 $70.00
20x24 with an image size of 16x20 $90.00
30x40 with an image size of 20x24 $110.00
mounting included

Yearbook Wallets

Yearbook Wallets

Many schools accept color wallets for yearbook photos.
Be sure to let us know of any special requirements.

Two 2 1/2"x 3 1/2" $1.45

Studio Overlays

Studio Overlays We can print your studio's logo or your custom text.
At the time of your order, let us know where you
want the logo to appear, either in the lower right, lower left, upper right or upper left corner of the image.

This is most commonly used for placing text in the lower right corner of wallet size prints. Here we've shown overlays in all four corners and just a few
of the many text options we can offer.

Studio logo wallets: $1.25 per image.
Initial setup charge (one time) $25.00

Quantity Machine Prints

Quantity prints are an excellent alternative to four color litho reproduction.

Each image is pre-tested for color and density. We strongly recommend you ask for a test print for long production runs. Test prints will be charged at machine print prices.

If no test print is requested, Tri-Color is the sole judge of color, density and cropping.

Prices are based on quantities from the same negative or digital file.

If burning, dodging or special cropping is required, additional fees may apply during file preparation.

To be absolutely sure you are getting exactly what you want as far as cropping,
we recommend you use LabPrints to submit your orders. LabPrints has many options that will allow you to edit and crop the images yourself before submitting them to us for printing.


* Call for quote on quantity sizes larger than 8X10