Inside Out

Inside Out: The New Bedford Fishing Industry Through Industry Eyes

Many local journalists (and Discovery Channel/National Geographic tv crews) have captured New Bedford’s working waterfront from a journalist’s perspective.  This New Bedford Art Museum exhibit takes a different tack, and showcases the work of artists who work in the fishing industry. 

L-R: Phil, Serina and Alan

Phil’s work documents the shore workers and the hard, thankless work they do.  He is currently the plant manager at Bergie’s Seafood and is a past president of the New Bedford Port Society.  He has been chronicling the shore-side activities for 40 years.

Serina’s work focuses on the objects in the industry and provides an intimate look into her family’s business.  For three generations her family has been in the propeller business.  Her grandfather started the business over 75 years ago, and her images capture the tools of that trade, many of which have not changed since the shop opened.

Alan Cass began his career scallop fishing in 1966, served in the Marines for 4 yours and went back to fishing in 1970.  He has captained several vessels since 1976 and has taken photos offshore for most of his life.

The exhibition runs at the New Bedford Art Museum in the “Regions” gallery, from August 4th until the 28th and the opening reception will be August 13, from 6-8PM.

An image of Pablo we printed and mounted for Phil