Install LabPrints Digital Studio, and Order Fast, Easy, and Accurately.

Why use LabPrints?

LabPrints Digital Studio allows you to upload and order 1 portrait print or 3,000 4x6 proofs.  you can easily crop your image to the shape of the print size ordered, and set up online galleries for your clients (and their guests) to order from.

With LabPrints you can:

  • organize and edit images for presentation and easy ordering
  • design flush albums with ready-made templates
  • build matted albums with mats from major album companies
  • host events online with online storefronts
  • post finished albums online for proofing
  • create custom composites, greeting cards, memory mates and sports mates

Spend more time behind the camera instead of in front of the computer.

You can organize and edit your images, design albums, post events online and upload orders directly to us, all from within Digital Studio.

Learn the tools with online training webinars. The webinars give you the chance to view a live demo plus you'll be able to ask questions. LabPrints is also happy to offer free professional tech support.


Download the Installer

If you have a Mac running OS 10.7 OR HIGHER, please follow these install instructions.

Windows users Download LabPrints Digital Studio Here.

or click the "Get LabPrints now!" button below

Get LabPrints

You'll be presented with the page to download either the PC or Mac version of Digital Studio LP.
For Macs running OS 10.7 and higher, there are alternate steps. 
The PC version has also been tested under 32 and 64-bit versions of windows 7 and 10 and works perfectly.
Make sure you download the correct version!

A box similar to the one below should pop up, click "Save" to save the downloaded program. If the box pops up and "run" is an option, choose that one instead of "Save."

Run The Installer

Find the icon for the downloaded installer and double-click it to run the install. The icon should look like the picture below.

During the install you should see boxes similar to the following, check the options presented and then click "Next" for each box.

To proceed with the install you need to click "I Accept" and then click "Next."

Here you can choose a location to install Digital Studio, the default location will be fine for most people.

Click "Next" through here too.

You'll want to have the installer create a desktop icon so you can run Digital Studio!

At this point the install has begun, pour a drink, grab some popcorn, sit back and watch the green dots go across the screen.

If this box comes up the install was successful!

Run Digital Studio LP and Register

A new icon like the one pictured below should pop up somewhere on your desktop, double-click it to get things started!
(It may also be called "Tri-Color's Digital Studio v5")

The first time you run Digital Studio it will take a little while to open, be patient! The program needs to set up a few preferences folders and do some housekeeping before it runs for the first time.

Once the program opens you'll be presented with the following dialog box:

 If this is your first time using Digital Studio LP, you'll need to set up an account, use the "LabPrints Account Setup" section and fill in your information.

Click "Continue" and the following box will pop up,

Be sure to check your email, you'll receive a welcome message with your username and password for safe keeping.

If you have a previous LabPrints account you can use the "Existing User" login with your email address as the username and whatever you chose as a password.

The LabPrints Storefront is a quick and easy way to upload low-res images of jobs for your customers to view and place orders. The online storefronts are set up so that you can sell images in the internet, even if you don't know a single thing about webpages. If you do have your own website however, your storefront pages can be seamlessly integrated into your existing website. There are 3 different billing options for the online storefront, choose "Skip storefront for now," if you want you can get back to it later via the "Storefront" tab in Digital Studio LP. If you have the time now, you can click the information links in the box to learn more about the storefront.

the Storefront allows you to set up a password protected page for events you shoot. 
What it allows you to do is set the page up before the event,
then you can hand out cards AT the event with the web address and password.
This allows you to not only receive orders after the fact from the participants,
the bride and groom in the case of a wedding, but also you can let aunt Jill who
lives 500 miles away see the images and order prints if she wants!

After clicking "Next" in the "Storefront Options" box you'll be presented with the option to create a new project.

Congratulations! Digital studio LP is installed and you're almost ready to start sending us your images for printing.


As always, if you have questions or need help, give us a call.

When you're ready to send us an order, our lab upload password is: tricolor


Mac OS - Manual Install Instructions

Updated Mac Installer:
Due to changes Apple made, there are incompatibility issues with Mac OS 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, and LabPrints.
Please follow the following steps as applicable:

Mac "Gatekeeper" prevents LabPrints from being installed on some machines.
You may notice the error message that the "application is damaged."
If you are not seeing this error message, then skip this step.
To fix this problem please watch this video, or follow these steps:

VIDEO Instruction for this step

Please go to the apple menu, select system preferences, then security and privacy:

Unloack the lock so you can change the settings:

Now you can set to install from "Anywhere" to install LabPrints.

A warning box will pop up to ask you to confirm the change:

Clicking "Allow From Anywhere" allows Digital Studio to install correctly, once the program is up and running,
you can go back and change the preference to its more paranoid setting, or as the box says, it will reset after 30 days.
Keep this trick in mind for installing programs in the future though!


For LabPrints Digital Studio, download here:

Once the download completes, the disk image should open and show you the installer icon:

Double click the installer icon:

If you don't click "Open" the program won't install! So click "Open" and when the box below opens up, click "Next"

To be able to find the program and be able to use it, we suggest adding the icon to your dock so it is always ready.

The desktop and dock icons:

IF YOU USE THE LABPRINTS STOREFRONT: Watch this video, and apply this easy step:

YOSEMITE: If you are on 10.10 and get a message about Java 6 not being installed,
download Java 6 HERE:

Click the dock icon or double click the desktop icon to get LabPrints running and CLICK HERE to go back to the install instructions.
the setup from here is the same as on the PC.